About Us

Illinois Valley Minerals (IVM) is a producer of refined brown fused aluminum oxide (BFA). We are strategically located in North Central Illinois near the Illinois River and Interstates 80, 39, 55, 74, & 57.

IVM uses state-of-the-art crushing, screening, and process control equipment with production dedicated to the surface finishing industry with specific emphasis on pressure blasting. IVM's FULLBLAST brown fused aluminum oxide grains are made for maximum toughness and hardness to consistently deliver superior results in blasting applications. IVM's FULLBLAST is quickly becoming the industry standard for high quality virgin grit. Since users of blasting grit seek to maximize stock removal and minimize loss, IVM is eager to prove the superiority of FULLBLAST's Overall Performance Ratio (Both Stock Removal and Percent Loss).

IVM's Management Team has extensive and directly related abrasive grain experience let by a Technical Director with over 35 years of experience in the abrasives industry.

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